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Female Leaders Program

about the program

The biggest obstacle preventing women from advancing in their careers is not the glass ceiling. It is the „broken rung” when the first step on the career ladder from an entry-level position to the executive level is missing.

According to the ‘Women in the Workplace 2020’ study published by LeanIn.org and McKinsey & Company, for every 100 men promoted and hired into a leadership position, there are only 72 women. As a result, 62% of leadership positions are held by men, while women occupy only 38%.

This early inequality has long-term implications for talent development. With men significantly outnumbering women at the executive level, there are far fewer women who can be hired or promoted to leadership positions. The number of women decreases at each successive level. So even if hiring and promotion rates for women at higher levels improve, women as a whole can never catch up. There are simply too few women to move up.

While companies are closing their gender gap and making progress toward equality, there are some things women can do at the entry level to drive change and advocate for themselves.

When women are aware of their value, have found their voice, and stand by their power, they are destined for success. And that’s exactly how IBC can help talented women: When they find their WINGS, the sky is the limit!

modules of the program

my journey

Grounding for psychological safety and taking time for goal setting. We explore our present and desired future self in order to identify the potential for the future.


identity challenges

Women continue to face challenges that impact their ability and motivation to lead. Understanding these challenges and the tactics we can utilize to navigate them is key.​


my story

Many leaders use stories as a tool, but most have no idea what tale their own leadership is telling. Understanding and communicating our story gives us the power of influence and authenticity by allowing us to match our words and our actions.


overcoming self-limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are restricting. Looking at the roots of self-sabotage helps us be more conscious about the automatic processes, to identify thoughts, triggers and the lies that motivate this way of thinking. The tools we get will help us stop the cycle and substitute the negative voices of our inner saboteurs with transformative questions and positive attitudes.


my strengths

When we know our strengths and we use them every day, we feel capable, driven, and self-assured. We have a better grasp of what makes us unique and how our personality impacts others.


my purpose

The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us. Women in particular have a love-hate relationship with power. A sense of purpose, a striving for something greater than we, legitimizes power for women.


my brand

Our professional brand is the way we want ourselves to be perceived by others and also how we want to live our professional life. Defining our professional brand helps us describe who we are, what we want to be known for, and what will make us stand out.


my leadership identity

We take a look at the journey we have conveyed since the beginning of this program and put all elements in perspective by building up the backbone of our leadership identity and have a look at our relationship with power, authenticity, and responsibility.


by the end of the program you will be able to

Have increased self-awareness and self-confidence

Create your unique leadership identity and communicate it in an engaging way

Stand up for yourself and become a role model for other women to follow


Andi has been the founder and CEO of IBC training company for 15 years. She regularly facilitates training sessions and workshops and provides Jungian coaching sessions for women leaders and corporate professionals. As an Associate Certified Coach credentialed by International Coaching Federation she is committed to cause wide and deep impact and bring value to her clients.

Ági turned towards leadership development after being in executive roles for nearly ten years. Empowering women is her key area of focus. In addition to leadership issues, in her roles of executive coach and facilitator she supports the development of her client’s personal brand as well. Thanks to her Gestalt skills in her individual and group processes she works with presence and awareness, and as a Jungian coach and Literature therapist (Bibliotherapist) she relies on the power of symbols and the unconscious.

help women find their WINGS and step into leadership roles


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