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Leadership Communication Training Programs

If you want to persuade, inspire, and motivate, learn from IBC. Our programs were designed for leaders by leaders of business communication. Whether your audience includes stakeholders, employees, or the industry at large, our expert communication training will provide the innovative approach leaders need to move audiences to action.


Explore Leadership Training

Upper-Level Manager Program

6*4 hour program

Articulate your vision. Elevate your brand. Motivate and inspire your team. The higher you move up the management ladder, the more communication skills play a critical role in your ability to be an effective leader. Join us and develop and practice techniques for communicating at a senior level.

Middle-Level Manager Program

6*3 hour program

This program is for managers whose learning goal is connecting communication and leadership. We aim to provide the tools and techniques designed to enhance personal communication style while challenging participants to step outside of their comfort zone to adapt to the needs of their audience.

Communication Coaching

10 hour program

Work with a private communication coach to maximize your personal effectiveness through your communication. Our custom programs help leaders reach their professional development goals, advance their careers, increase sales, and prepare for high-stake events.


What Makes Our Programs Special?


Living laboratory

Simulations applied to your real-life business challenges


Measurable Success

From a skill to a habit adopted


Inspiring Sessions

Taking you out of your comfort zone



Creating value both for you and for business


What Our Clients Say

The How to Hook Stakeholders with a Mind-Blowing Pitch training was very well structured, clear, interactive and business related. The material was really enjoyable, and the facilitator trainer, Nick Morris made it easy to absorb due to his nice, kind, patient and funny way of teaching. The team learned the term of “pitching” and received very good tips and hints on how to implement it to day to day life and not only implement it but also how to realise a “pitching moment” and to deliver ideas in the most structured way possible.

Berzsenyi Márta

Director of Human Resources, Avis Budget Group Business Services Center

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