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Better communication.

Better results.

Elevate Your Impact

Equip your team and leaders with precise and personalized insights to make every communication a winning coversation.

IBC enables you to unlock potential using personalized feedback to help people become exceptional communicators in 12 key dimensions of human connection.


Why to Assess Communication

To understand your leaders’ and teams’ communication skills and abilities.

To identify opportunities for growth and development.

To get time-bound development paths with clear goals and means.

Get past the old-world of talking about communication as an unmeasurable area and get control of training efficiency.



What’s Your IBC Communication Score?

The IBC Score is a single, definitive measure of your capabilities as a communicator. It can help you discover and improve the impact you have on audiences by analyzing how effectively you communicate and how others perceive you.


How We Assess

Communication Skills Assessment Demo 1

When the Client performs WEAK in the dimensions.

Communication Skills Assessment Demo 2

When the Client performs MEDIUM in the dimensions.

Communication Skills Assessment Demo 3

When the Client performs STRONG in the dimensions.


How The Assessment Makes Impact

1. Assess

Assess your organization’s communication skills gaps and identify opportunities for learning and improvement.

2. Develop

Based on the goals of your organization, you can assemble personalized development plans for your leaders, managers, employees, and talent that create lasting behavioral change.

3. Perform

Perform analytics on individual, team, and organizational outcomes and easily connect these improvements to business-level impact and performance.

IBC Makes Communication Personalized Yet Scalable

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