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Communication Skills for New Managers
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New Manager Communication Challenges

Getting promoted to manager is a huge change for many employees—regardless of the industry they work in. All of a sudden, promoted managers have new roles and responsibilities to fill; things won’t be the same as they were before. However, these people will also have new opportunities to further their careers and the careers of those around them.

Yet, all too often, new managers flounder in their new job role.

Why do so many new managers fail? One reason is their communication skills. Many new managers don’t possess or use the right communication techniques to guide their teams to success.

In our experience, young people have the potential to be extraordinary communicators. By unlocking their core communication skills and honing their storytelling capabilities, we help them overcome their fears and reach this potential.

Communication Training & Coaching Services For New Managers

Expectations to Meet

Visibility Across the Organization

  • Completing cross-border projects
  • “Going the extra mile”
  • Being proactive and solution-focused
  • Informal leadership
  • Thought leadership

Skills to be Improved

You will be able to

  • Present project milestone on global call
  • Switch from detailed to big picture communication
  • Present data effectively
  • Sell an idea or project
  • Understand senior stakeholder mentality
  • Be aware of self-branding in communication


Trainings we offer

  • Communicating with a Management Mindset

  • Presenting Data Effectively

  • Selling Ideas

  • Facilitating Videoconferences

  • Giving Feedback

  • Handling Conflicts

  • Communicating with Confidence Internationally

  • Negotiating Fundamentals

  • Motivating with the Power of Storytelling

  • Taking Ownership Of the Experience You Are Creating As A Presenter

  • Writing for Impact

Our Approach To Training & Coaching New Managers

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