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Be a Leading Voice

Communication Skills for Senior Executives
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Senior Executive Communication Challenges

There are moments when our ability to connect with people, to communicate with presence and impact, makes a real difference.

You might be an established leader, looking to bring your vision and strategy to life.

You might be introducing change and need to communicate it to people.
You might be going in front of the media, or talking to key external stakeholders and potential investors.

You might be about to give a speech, to either a private or corporate audience.

Or you may simply feel you and your colleagues would benefit from greater skills and confidence in high-stakes conversations or presentations.

Whatever the situation, your success depends on how you come across and the connection you make with your audience. Even the best communicators need help if they are to be at their best and their most compelling in these situations – something that takes reflection, feedback and practice.

„Our coaching can be your secret weapon.”

Communication Coaching Services For Senior Executives

Expectations to Meet

Provide Inspiration, Vision and Guidance

  • Setting strategy & company tone
  • Succession planning, hiring talents
  • Managing senior stakeholders
  • Lobbying
  • High-level decision making
  • Representing brand internally & externally
  • Aligning leadership identity & communication

Skills to be Improved

You will be able to

  • Lead through inspiration
  • Align personal & corporate brand
  • Give motivational speech through storytelling
  • Give engaging presentation at all employee meeting
  • Understand senior stakeholder mentality
  • Report to board with analytical insight
  • Handle conflicts when stakes are high
  • React to tough critisism from foreign executives
  • Demonstrate ownership


    Coachings we offer

    • Communicating Leadership

    • Transforming Mental Blocks Into Flow As A Negotiator

    • Creating a Personal Brand

    • Aligning Corporate Culture With Personal Values

    • Coaching Teams Through Change

    • Showing Leadership In the Online World  

    • Presenting to High Level Stakeholders

    • Engaging High Level Stakeholders As a Leadership Team

    • Delivering Town Halls and Keynotes

    • Creating Leadership Team Alignment 

        Our Approach To Coaching Senior Executives

        Vállalatunk menedzsmentje Szabó Máté és Nick Morris trénerekkel stratégiai kommunikátor képzési programban dolgozott együtt. Egyértelműen látható, hogy a csapat kommunikációs tudatossága egy magasabb szintre lépett, köszönhetően a számtalan gyakorlási helyzetnek és erős szakmai-nyelvi tréneri támogatásnak.

        Sas Andrea

        HR igazgató, Becton Dickinson Hungary

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