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Communication Skills for Experienced Managers
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Experienced Manager Communication Challenges

An overwhelming majority of line managers are promoted to position because they’re good at what they do: bringing with them technical skills, but not necessarily the skills needed to communicate to or motivate their teams.

Line managers are often responsible for cascading information from the top to their staff. They will be the first port of call to field questions around any organizational change, and the best-placed to receive direct feedback or gauge staff sentiment.

They need to connect their staff to the organizational mission or purpose, align them behind the overall business direction, and ensure each individual is confident in their role and responsibilities. They provide feedback, manage performance, set objectives. They manage individuals, who need to be communicated with as such; calling for adaptations in their style, approach, and delivery.

The resulting impact of poor communication on staff is significant, damaging, and far-reaching: triggering everything from employee disengagement to potential safety incidents and staff turnover.

„We help leaders use what they have on the inside to help them have the impact they want to see on the world around them.

Communication Training & Coaching Services For Experienced Managers

Expectations to Meet

From Producer to Manager

  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Delegating
  • Understanding various leadership styles
  • Managing generational differences
  • Agility
  • Representing coaching culture

Skills to be Improved

You will be able to

  • Request approval successfully (headcount, budget)
  • Understand senior stakeholder mentality
  • Have analytical insight
  • Give feedback to employees properly
  • Demonstrate ownership
  • Say NO effectively
  • Present strategy or project to management
  • Divert stressful situations using communication
  • Negotiate in an assertive way
  • Speak at a townhall


Trainings we offer

  • Establishing a Communication Framework for Effective Cross-site and Cross-team Collaboration

  • Pitching Ideas to Stakeholders

  • Planning and Creating Strategic Presentations

  • Commanding the Stage as a Presenter

  • Unpicking Prejudices as a Negotiator

  • Finding Your Leadership Voice

  • Communicating Difficult Messages

  • Influencing

  • Coaching for Success

  • Keeping Remote Teams Engaged

Our Approach To Training & Coaching Experienced Managers

Jó szívvel ajánlom az IBC prezentációs tréningjét, mely megerősítette bennem, hogy a kommunikáció során milyen fontos a személyes hitelesség. A tréner sokat segített abban, hogy a saját erősségeimre támaszkodva, hitelesen tudjak előadni.

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