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Communication Skills Training

mini-training series

Learn how to communicate more effectively at work and achieve your goals. These mini-training series are designed to give you both the tools you need to improve your communication skills, and the most successful strategies for using them to your advantage.

Impactful Stakeholder Communication

​Course Structure Highlights

Information hierarchy

  • Why is it crucial that we build up our sales pitch in a certain order?
  • How do we structure our thoughts in a way that will ensure the buy-in on the receiving end?
  • How can we turn our idea into a story?
  • Why is it harmful if we change this order and start with the operative detail?

Audience pain points

  • Do we understand their pain points?
  • Are we offering a solution to their problems?
  • Do we understand the benefits for them and not just for us?
  • How can we prepare for potential questions in a way that the questions do not weaken our position during the pitch?


  • How do we become credible for senior stakeholders?
  • How can we find our internal resources to inspire others and get buy-in from them for our ideas?
  • What if we must sell an idea that we don’t believe in?

How to start a pitch

  • How can we make sure our stakeholders will listen from the moment we start talking?
  • How do we know they have bought the idea?

How stakeholders will be impacted 

  • What are the biggest language and cultural challenges you will need to succeed in international assignments?

  • What are the most likely expectations of your future partners?

  • What are the underpinning values that shape their expectations?

  • How can we structure our thoughts in a way that will ensure the buy-in on the receiving end?

  • How should we talk about the benefits, the risks, and the opportunities of our case in the right balance using the right communication?

    After the training you’ll be able to

    • Create presentation content effectively and time efficiently 
    • Understand what stakeholders expect from presenters 
    • Lead with key messages 
    • Use facts and figures to support your messages 
    • Anticipate questions 
    • Embrace feedback

    Delivering Effective Feedback

    ​Course Structure Highlights

    Framing up your feedback 

    • What is the role of feedback in the performance planning cycle?
    • How can you frame your goals and objectives to the recipient’s reactions?
    • What are the goals and formal features of appraisal, performance, and coaching feedback?
    • Why managers fail to understand their separate roles, and in consequence fail to innovate and come up with the best combinations in given circumstances? 

    How to Manage Emotions when Giving Feedback 

    Most of us have been the victim of a pretty bad “receiving feedback session” and to be honest, most of us have given a few of those too. It is not surprising as both giving and receiving feedback is an emotionally charged situation – and when emotions are in play, thoughtfulness and professionalism can very easily go out the window.

    • How can we take the lead, point out to the issue, and initiate the resolution process by demonstrating respect for all those involved?
    • Why should we set ground rules — such as respect, listening to the other person’s story, and coming in with an open mind? 

    Managing conflict

    • What is the importance of looking beyond the positions people take and focusing on the real interests that underlie these positions?
    • Why should we understand the proverbial „bottom of the iceberg,” showing us a person’s real motivations and needs?
    • How can we avoid the three pitfalls of talking about problems – getting defensive, shutting down, or going on the offensive?
    • How to refocus those having problems towards what they have in common — such as shared values, our organization’s higher purpose or creative risk-taking — to help them reset their collective compass and get back on the path of collaboration?

    Creating a feedback culture

    • Why is it essential to create a culture around feedback and self-awareness, where difficult conversations are not so hard?
    • What are the risks of feedback-aversion, all or nothing thinking or deviation from norm or rationality in judgment? 

      After the training you’ll be able to

      • Understand the importance of feedback timeliness, frequency, and consistency 
      • Provide feedback skilfully and constructively 
      • Use facts and figures to support their messages 
      • Convey empathy as a feedback provider
      • Manage strong emotions and resistance during a feedback session   

      Creating Engaging Reports

      ​Course Structure Highlights

      Numbers that matter

      • What are the specific numbers and KPIs that matter to the business when making a decision?
      • How do we select the relevant data and information to convince our stakeholders that we have a strategic view? 

      The story behind numbers

      • How do we analyse data so we understand the story behind it?
      • How do we draw conclusions from it?
      • How do we use key numbers to tell a story that is convincing to our stakeholders?

      Risks and opportunities

      • How do we use data to help our stakeholders understand business risks and opportunities?

      Reports that are engaging

      • Regular reports are usually stuffed with irrelevant numbers and information. How do we make monthly reports less painful and more fun for everyone?

      After the training you’ll be able to

      • Identify the numbers and data that is most relevant to your stakeholders
      • Build an engaging storyline to present a plan or business case
      • Create a quick report that is to the point and engaging to the audience


      What Makes Our Program Special?


      Living laboratory

      Simulations applied to your real-life business challenges


      Measurable Success

      From a skill to a habit adopted


      Inspiring Sessions

      Taking you out of your comfort zone



      Creating value both for you and for business

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