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Find Your English Leadership Voice

Not long ago, it was enough to speak reasonable English as a leader but in today’s turbulent world, we must communicate so as to leverage the potential of reacting to unforeseen changes.


Our Training Offerings


Programs for Senior Executives

Whatever the situation, your success depends on how you come across and the connection you make with your audience. Even the best communicators need help if they are to be at their best and their most compelling in these situations – something that takes reflection, feedback and practice.


Programs for Experienced Managers

Line managers need to connect their staff to the organizational mission or purpose, align them behind the overall business direction, and ensure each individual is confident in their role and responsibilities. The impact of poor communication on staff can be significant, damaging, and far-reaching.


Programs for New Managers

Getting promoted to manager is a huge change for many employees—regardless of the industry they work in. All of a sudden, promoted managers have new roles and responsibilities to fill; things won’t be the same as they were before. However, these people will also have new opportunities to further their careers and the careers of those around them.


Impacts of Leading Through Communication

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Increased influence both locally and regionally

Improved Client Relationships

Recognition as a credible consultant and thought leader

Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Managing multiple teams across functions and geographies

Empowered Employees

People at all levels can make and implement timely decisions


What Makes Our Program Special?


Living laboratory

Simulations applied to your real-life business challenges


Measurable Success

From a skill to a habit adopted


Inspiring Sessions

Taking you out of your comfort zone



Creating value both for you and for business


What Our Clients Say

The How to Hook Stakeholders with a Mind-Blowing Pitch training was very well structured, clear, interactive and business related. The material was really enjoyable, and the facilitator trainer, Nick Morris made it easy to absorb due to his nice, kind, patient and funny way of teaching. The team learned the term of “pitching” and received very good tips and hints on how to implement it to day to day life and not only implement it but also how to realise a “pitching moment” and to deliver ideas in the most structured way possible.

Berzsenyi Márta

Director of Human Resources, Avis Budget Group Business Services Center

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